At Vestel Group of Companies (“Vestel”), we focus on creating value for the society and touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people in 157 countries around the world with the aim of building a more livable world for all.

We are an entrepreneur, an innovator and a pioneer.

With entrepreneurship coded into our DNA, we value innovation and creativity in all our activities. We invest in innovation, technology, design and R&D, and strive to be the pioneer of change in our country.

We are honest, hardworking and responsible.

Following the words of our late founder, Mehmet Zorlu, “You should be honest, you should be hard-working, you should be responsible”, we operate without compromising on our integrity with the aim of bringing a better tomorrow for our country and our people. In all our operations, we establish the right relationships with all of our stakeholders and act in accordance with the laws.

We are open, reliable and transparent.

Since our inception, we have acted with a sense of corporate governance and abide by the principles of transparency and accountability in all of our activities.

We operate with the aim of creating value for our country and the society.

We aim to create a common value for our country and our society with all our projects and efforts.

We believe in the power of producing together.

Our employees are our strongest driving force.

We consider the training and personal development of our employees an integral part of our corporate culture. With this in mind, we try to create a participatory company culture and environment in order to allow our employees to reach their highest potential.

We aim to contribute to our country.

We believe that we can only exist with our country. We completely believe in our country and our people. With our full commitment to the power of local production, we try to ensure that all our efforts contribute to the economy of our country and create added value.

We manage our activities with an understanding of sustainability.

For a more livable world, we ensure that all our activities comply with our sustainability strategy.