Esteemed Stakeholders,

With 67 years of business experience, more than 60 companies and over 30,000 employees, as Zorlu Group, we currently export our products to 156 countries around the world. We thus take justified pride in improving consumers’ lives in various geographies with our products.

We operate with the awareness that we can only carry forward the sustainability and success of our operations in our core business areas, which include consumer electronics and household appliances, textile, energy, real estate development and mining-metallurgy, by developing a comprehensive understanding of sustainability.

The United Nations Global Compact, which we signed in 2007, and which is congruent with our Group’s values, has been a guiding element in shaping our vision and reinforcing our sustainability approach. Our Smart Life 2030 sustainability vision, which we have developed based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, is at the center of Zorlu Group’s business strategy. We map global risk trends and opportunities which impact or may impact our operations and shape our strategies accordingly. We aim to build a smarter future by combining sustainable growth and profitability with people, society and the environment, which are the building blocks of sustainability. We manage this approach of Zorlu Holding, which we have integrated into the activities of Zorlu Group companies and brands, in a holistic way which takes into account the unique know how and experience of our individual companies. Accordingly, we have accelerated our efforts on gender equality, employee volunteering and intrapreneurship.

We attain long-term profitable growth by sharing the value we generate. Since inception, we have strived to undertake investments which create a lasting and positive effect through our entrepreneurship approach, which is an integral part of our corporate culture. With our intrapreneurship program, we give priority to developing our employees’ creativity and innovation capabilities. We realize our dream of creating a better world through our human resources, innovative products and technologies, and next-generation service approach.

As Zorlu Group, we put the “human” factor at the center of our operations. A sustainable development understanding, which adds value to people and society and which protects the environment and all living things, leads all of our activities. With our inclusive, diversity-focused human resources approach, we improve our human resources processes based on equality and strive to do our part for society with the awareness of the power of our sphere of influence.

In line with our holistic approach, we have made significant progress in integrating sustainability into the cultures of the industries in which Zorlu Group operates. Accordingly, Vestel fulfills its responsibility to leave a better world to future generations thanks to the eco-friendly technologies used in its products. Vestel embraces a 360-degree sustainability approach which covers many aspects from products and services to factories and facilities, and from human resources to business methods. Sustainable production has become a vital company policy in our country and the rest of the world, particularly for exporting companies such as Vestel.

Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ (“Vestel Elektronik”), was included in the Borsa İstanbul (“BIST”) Sustainability Index, which comprises the shares of listed companies with a high corporate sustainability performance, for the first time as of 2 November 2015. As in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Vestel Elektronik continued to meet the required criteria for the BIST Sustainability Index and was included in the Index for the November 2019 - October 2020 period as well. Vestel Beyaz Eşya Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, a subsidiary of Vestel Elektronik, has also been included in the BIST Sustainability Index on a voluntary basis since November 2016. Having continued to meet the criteria of the Sustainability Index of Borsa Istanbul, Vestel Beyaz Eşya is taking part in the Index for the fourth time on a voluntary basis for the November 2019 - October 2020 period.

All of our products and services, and every issue we address, are designed with the aim of improving people’s lives. Our Group has been working for Turkey in line with these values and principles for the past 67 years.

As in the past, we aim to continue creating lasting value for our country and for all those within our sphere of influence. Additionally, we act in line with our responsible and sustainable corporate approach as part of our commitment to our stakeholders, from whom we draw strength.

Yours faithfully,

Ahmet Nazif Zorlu
Chairman of the Board