Sustainability lies at the core of the business model of Vestel Group of Companies, which among others include, Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ (“Vestel Elektronik”) and Vestel Beyaz Eşya Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ (“Vestel Beyaz Eşya”). The fact that the world is undergoing an unsettling process of social, economic and environmental change, and the increasing pressure on natural resources poses a threat to the environment itself. The pandemic has once again demonstrated the importance of sustainability. The climate crisis is currently the biggest risk to our sustainable future with its environmental, social and economic impacts. Therefore, large companies, including Vestel, must rapidly and thoroughly fulfill their responsibilities to eliminate the increasing pressure on the planet and our future.

At Vestel, we strive for sustainability and to improve our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) scorecard by being a pioneer in production processes, environmentally friendly products and contributing to the circular economy. This is a long and arduous journey. In this regard, we have Zorlu Holding’s sustainability approach, the Smart Life 2030 vision, as a guide to lead us through this journey.

As a company that integrates sustainability into all investment decisions, we also led the way in this field by issuing green bonds in 2020. Since 2016, we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We calculate our carbon footprint in line with the ISO 14064 standards, validate it through impartial, accredited institutions and prepare CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) reports with transparency. With a sustainable and environmentalist mindset, we develop household appliances that consume less energy and water, while also preventing food waste. It is our top priority to make every effort possible to protect our environment and natural resources while manufacturing these products.

With Smart Life 2030, which embodies our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we are working to activate the life-healing power of technology and digitalization and to shape a sustainable future with smart approaches and a business model that offers both profitability and social benefit. By creating innovative and sustainable solutions to global problems, we are taking strong steps towards our goal of becoming one of the stakeholders of this profound transformation.

Vestel aims to strengthen its presence as a global player with its experience, vision, intellectual power, and technological prowess, and is determined to contribute more to a better and livable world by focusing on sustainable profitability, efficiency, and savings.

Ergün Güler

Chairman of the Executive Committee
Vestel Group of Companies