We define our stakeholders as individuals and institutions that are influenced by our current and future activities and that may have an influence on the success of our Group. As Vestel Group of Companies we aim to provide benefits to our key stakeholders in a sustainable manner for a sustainable growth.

Available Communication Platforms with Our Key Stakeholders

Employees Customers State Institutions and Organizations
Employee suggestion and complaint system, OHS board meetings, TPM project, various activities, kiosks Customer satisfaction surveys, periodical meetings, Vestel service web site, visits, call center, central services, güVENUSsü (Trust Base) centers Consultation meetings, Conferences/Panels/Projects, Collaborations concerning legal regulations
Shareholders and Investors Suppliers Non-Governmental Organizations
Material Event Disclosures, General Assembly Meetings, Investor Relations Website, Informative Meetings and Teleconferences with Investors and Analysts, Company Presentations, Press Releases, Press Meetings Face-to-face meetings, supplier portals (SNC, SLC, Speknet, TM),
e-mail notifications,
audits and dual projects
Social responsibility projects, meetings
Relations With Stakeholders