Vestel Group of Companies ("Vestel") attaches particular importance to the protection of human rights and the support of its performance in this area with the policies and practices in its business processes.

Vestel does not make any discrimination based on language, race, gender, political thought, philosophical view, religion, etc. in its business relations. Discriminative action is not taken either directly or indirectly because of gender or pregnancy while concluding, establishing, executing or terminating a labor agreement unless this is necessitated by reasons concerning the nature of work such as the risk of the duty, security of the employee and legal liabilities. Employees do not receive unequal remuneration for equal work because of their gender. Recruitment, assignment and promotion are conducted by objective performance criteria without discriminating on the basis of language, religion, gender, race, etc.

As Vestel, we try to extend the practices which are respectful and sensitive to human rights especially among our employees and as well as towards other stakeholders in our value chain. As a result of our understanding in this area, we do not employ any child labor or pursue forced/involuntary labor practices at Vestel.

Vestel adopted the principle to act in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which is signed by Zorlu Holding and the implementation of which is followed-up, audited and reported on the basis of the affiliated companies and to serve as an example of corporate citizenship together with its employees, dealers, suppliers and authorized service providers.

There is no employee under the age of 18 at Vestel. Customer Social Responsibility Inspections are performed in line with the BSCI, ETI, SEDEX, DISNEY ILS, etc. standards and no non-conformity has been detected in this regard.

Employment is conducted on a volunteer basis and in accordance with the Law. Employees can work and resign in accordance with the Law. Employees are not subjected to any kind of violence in the workplace. Wages are paid in cash and on the same date each month.

Vestel Elektronik and Vestel Beyaz Eşya’s Annual Reports and the Global Compact can be examined for detailed information about our labor force practices and our approach to human and employee rights.